Technical specification of northern cabinets SN IRON:


·           Constructive proposal: modular construction

·           Package: Corrugated cardboard

·           Height (operating height), U: 24, 33, 42

·           Width, mm: 800

·           Depth, mm: 800, 1000, 1200

·           Vertical mounting blocks: 4 pcs.

·           Step size for adjustment of mounting blocks: 25 mm

·           Type of side panels: removable, solid panels with rotary clamping latches

·           Cable entries*: on the top and on the bottom of the cabinet

·           Type of back panel: removable, metal solid or perforated panel with rotary clamping latch

·           Type of doors: a door comes as standard

·           Door opening angle: more than 180°

·           Type of door lock arrangement: rotating knob with three-wav crossbar lock

·           The possibility of installation of doors: on the left or right side              

·           installation site for grounding**: all parts of the cabinet

·           Type of coating: polymeric powder coating  

·           Color***: Light-grey (RAL 7035)              

·           Maximum allowable distributed static load: up to 1100 kg              

·           Protection class: IP30.


* option – option of cable entries through the removable back panel.

** Grounding kit for internal components of the cabinet comes as standard.

*** colour option RAL 9005 (black) is also possible.




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