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19 SN-IRON floor telecommunication cabinet

Floor modular telecommunication cabinets of SN-IRON series are intended for placement of active and passive telecommunication equipment, as well as for protection against unauthorized access to the equipment inside the cabinet.

The main advantages of this cabinet are the strength and reliability of the structure, easy access to the equipment installed inside, as well as compact packaging (flatpack).

The cabinet design consists of front and rear frames, top, bottom, side panels, front doors, rear panel/doors, mounting profiles and unit racks.

The frame is made of sheet steel 2 mm thick, which allows to withstand the maximum allowable distributed load up to 800 kg.

The SN-IRON series of floor cabinets includes cabinets with a height of 18 to 47 units. The width of the cabinet is 600 to 800 mm. The depth of cabinets of this range is 600/800/1000 mm.

The front doors are locked with a rotary throw-over lock and can be supplied in the following options:

with tempered glass 4 mm thick




Door opening angle is more than 180°. The door can be installed both lefthand and righthand.

The standard delivery scope includes 4 galvanized unit racks that provide reliable fastening of the equipment inside the cabinet. Depth of rack installation is adjusted with an increment of 25 mm. Thanks to a galvanized coating, the unit racks are durable, and also are the cabinet earthing members.


Each unit rack is fastened to three cross guides which in addition reinforces structure of the cabinet as a whole, and also provide reliable fastening of unit racks.

design: modular structure

packaging: corrugated cardboard

рeight (operating height), U: 18,24, 33, 42, 47

width, mm: 600

depth, mm: 600, 800, 1000

vertical mounting racks: 4 pcs.

mounting rack adjustment increment, mm: 25 mm

side panel type: removable, blank with rotary clamping locks

cable entries*: at the base and top

door type – metal blank, metal perforated, with insert made of tampered tinted glass

– door opening angle: more than 180°

door lock type: knob

door installation: lefthand and righthand

earthing installation place**: all cabinet parts

coating: powder polymer

colour ***: light gray (RAL 7035) 

maximum allowable distributed static load: up to 800kg

protection degree: IP30.


* option – cable entry through rear removable panel

** set of cabinet internal parts earthing is a standard

*** possible coating colour: RAL 9005 (black)

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