SN-NO series light-duty floor-standing telecommunication cabinet

The SN-NO series prefabricated floor-standing telecommunication cabinets are designed for the active and passive telecommunications equipment installation and protection against unauthorized access to the cabinet equipment.

Cabinets comply with DIN EN 60297-3-100-2009, IEC 60297-3-100:2008-11 , EIA-310-D:1992 standards.

SN-NO floor-standing cabinets range includes cabinets of 15 to 46 units high. The standard cabinet width – 600mm. This range cabinets are of 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm deep. The maximum distributed static load of SN-NO series cabinets makes up to 500 kg.


Cabinet design – prefabricated structure. Cabinet consists of two welded frames (front and rear), top and base plates, side panels, front door, rear panel/door, side mounting sections and two pairs of vertical 19″ unit racks. All electrically conductive components are earthed.

The cabinet can be accessed from four sides. For cable lead-in, cable glands are provided in the top and base plates. Removable side panels are equipped with locks for fixing. Vertical 19″ unit racks can be adjusted in depth in increments of 25mm. In the cabinet top and base plates, mounting seat is provided for forced cooling fan modules installation. The door can be mounted either on the left or on the right side of the cabinet.


A special polymeric powder paint is used as the cabinet coating creating durable solid coat resistant to environmental factors including mechanical ones. Standard colors: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).


Cabinets are delivered as three separate pieces in separate boxes. Space-effective packaging significantly reduces the volume and provides ease of transportation and storage. In addition, multilayer cardboard packing protects the glass door and other structural members from mechanical damage/deformation during transportation and storage.


Cabinets can be equipped with a wide range of accessories:  horizontal and vertical organizers, overhanging/sliding/heavy-duty shelves, EDF (electrical distribution panel), fan modules, power filters, lighting modules, copper buses, DIN rails, dust brushes


Delivery package:

Welded frame – 2 pcs.

Top plate – 1 pc.

Base – 1 pc.

Front door – 1 pc.

Rear door / panel – 1 pc.

Side panel – 2/4 pcs.

Mounting section – 4/6 pcs.

19″ rack – 4 pcs.

Foot – 4 pcs.

Earthing kit – 1 set

Keys for locks – 4 sets



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