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SteelNet Private Company – Ukrainian production with European quality standards.

One of the largest Ukrainian companies for production of metal products for the telecommunication sector, as well as for the industrial and business segments. Since 2009, we have been providing our customers with specialized products and developing the Ukrainian telecommunications industry.

SteelNet is a full-cycle production complex: from design and cutting to packaging and assembly of finished products.

According to the results of the annual independent research of the telecommunication cabinet market conducted by the editors of industry publications, steel structures from Steelnet TM occupy leading positions in the ratings, and are among the five most demanded.

The full range of the telecommunications sector is certified according to the UkrSerpo system and meets the requirements of the ISO international quality system.


years of experience in the industry


units of products per day


experts in the staff


production units


Telecommunication equipment

Server, floor, mounting cabinets, racks, optical distribution panels, cable fittings, accessories and components for them.

Electrical cabinets and built-in equipment

Floor electrical cabinets, built-in fire cabinets, built-in interfloor panels.

Metal structures for home and office

A series of safe boxes, fire doors, fire resistance class EI30 and EI60, wardrobes, mailboxes, barbecues, racks.


Unique and non-standard products

The company produces any non-standard and unique types of equipment to order.

Development of models and layouts of products

Drawings, technical documentation, production technology.

Fire-fighting operations

Installation of doors, windows, gates, hatches with a standard fire resistance limit.

Why we:

  1. Powerful production units.

    Implementation of projects within the shortest possible time and release of a large volume of complex components.

  2. Fast and reliable delivery of goods

    Industrial facilities are located in Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa. The logistics department provides the best way and prompt delivery term.

  3. Exemplary product quality

    SteelNet Private Company is a full-fledged plant with professional equipment that produces high quality products. The final product complies with international standards.

  1. Own engineering and design developments.

    The whole range of design operations (preparation of a complete set of documentation), and the development of new products based on terms of reference or a project. This approach allows customers to minimize integration operations at the site of the facility.

  2. Competent and experienced experts

    At all the stages of metal structures production there are involved the experts of the highest category, who constantly improve their skills – they take part in training events, gain specialized knowledge abroad.

  3. State-of-the-art equipment

    Company production base:

    • Sheet-bending complexes AMADA (Japan), COLLY (Italy)

    • Combined blanking machine TRUMATIC (Germany)

    • Powder painting chamber NAUTECH AUTOMAT (Ukraine)

SteelNet Private Company strictly adheres to the chosen vector of development, focusing on innovation, annually improving production, increasing the level of competence of colleagues, and controlling the quality of products. The company is open to new tasks and large-scale projects.

History of the company development

2012 - 2020

2020 2012 2013

Production launch, equipment setting, release of the first products

2012 2013 2014

Purchase of professional equipment (combined coordinate punch press, blanking machine and powder coating chamber). Launch of the first serial production, anti-vandal cabinets and boxes range.

2013 2014 2015

Purchase of a CNC sheet-bending press, expansion of the range to 70 items. Production of new serial products, launch of metal fittings for cable lines hanging and installation production.

2014 2015 2016

Mastering the production of technically complex products, purchase of complex equipment for plastic cable fittings production. Start of production of two lines of safe boxes (furniture and weapon).

2015 2016 2017

Launch of serial production of new types of products, complex production of cable fittings made of metal and plastic. Start of production of fireproof and shockproof metal doors of EI30, EI60 class of fire resistance.

2016 2017 2018

Development of new types of products for special orders, participation in the International Industry Exhibition SVIAZ-2017: Information and Communication Technologies.

2017 2018 2019

Mastering of new production level that allows to take part in international construction projects. SteelNet TM is the only developer company in Ukraine that supplies special sealed compartments for the large-scale construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars transport corridor, joining Europe and Asia.

2018 2019 2020

Expansion of serial production of products of a unique, non-standard design.

2019 2020 2012

Participation in projects of a strategic direction, development of complex special communications programs, equipment of railway sections, military equipment.

MTS Ukraine and Kyivstar are developing new levels of coverage in Ukraine using telecommunication cabinets and optical panels of SteelNet TM.

Ukrtelecom chose racks, telecommunication cabinets of our production for its branches. SteelNet TM is a manufacturer of telecom cabinets and complex non-standard designs for cell towers in large-scale special communication projects between countries.

New Aquapark in Dnipro is equipped with wardrobes from SteelNet TM. The company provides mass production of anti-vandal boxes in new buildings throughout Ukraine.

Our clients

Sales geography

Products of SteelNet TM are installed in offices, homes and factories throughout our country. Moreover, the products are highly appreciated in many European countries: Italy, Portugal, Poland. Including Chile, Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan.

Every year SteelNet expands its range and geographic footprint.


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