9.02. 2021

Start of production of a new model of anchor clamp H6, SteelNet TM

The redesigned dead-end clamp is designed to hold cables with a diameter of 4 to 7 mm in tension. (It is also possible to fasten a cable with a diameter of 9 mm, pulling the wedges out of the clamp body during installation).

The main application of the newest model H6 clamps is the construction of overhead communication lines on lighting and power transmission poles, with the distance between the supports not more than 50 meters.

The clamp is made of durable plastic, resistant to UV and environmental impacts. The fixing loop is made of steel wire with a diameter of 5 mm.

The special lock of the H6 model prevents the clamping wedges from falling out.

The maximum breaking load is 150 kg (1.5 kN).


SteelNet TM cares about the convenience and order of each production stage, especially products storage. We have renewed the warehouse premises – a new level of orderliness, storage control, goods in stock “day into date”, logistics optimization, quick access and unloading.

Now there is even more control over the quality and condition of the product range.

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