Zonga-SS24-2-12 fibre optic closure

Connecting fibre optic closures are designed to protect fibers from external factors during splicing, branching and restoring the integrity of optical cables.


The design of the fibre optic closure consists of the case made of high-strength plastic, with fastening elements, sealing of optical cables, a set of splice cassettes for storage of optical splices.


Technical and operational characteristics:


Maximum number of cassettes/splices – 2/48

Range of operating temperatures – -60/+70, °C

Overall dimensions – 340 x 175 x 137 mm

Closure weight – 0.8 kg


Complete set:


SS/24-2-12 fibre optic closure, assembled with fastening on a pole – 1 pc.

Splice cassette with cover – 2 pcs.

Sleeve 60 mm – 12 pcs.

Heat shrink sleeve – 4 pcs.

Insulated conductor – 1 pc.

2 cables input clip – 1 pc.

Buffer tube – 1 pc.

Sand paper – 1 pc.

Nylon ties – 12 pcs.


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