Zonga-S12-1-12 closure

Zonga-S12-1-12 small-sized, dead-end type welded fibre optic closure.

Zonga-S12-1-12 model is cylindrical, intended for splicing and branching of an optical cable at its air, wall or underground laying.

Zonga-S12-1-12 fibre optic closure allows the installation of 12 S 206 type cassettes with a nominal capacity of 6 and a maximum of 12 splices.

Sealing of input is performed through thermal shrinkage. The set includes 1 splice cassette and 12 Zonga sleeves.


Technical and operational characteristics:


Maximum number of cassettes/splices – 1/24

Range of operating temperatures – -60/+70, °C

Overall dimensions – 330 x 150 x 137 mm

Closure weight – 0.8 kg


Complete set:


SS/12-1-12 fibre optic closure, assembled with fastening on a pole – 1 pc.

Splice cassette with cover – 1 pc.

Sleeve 60 mm – 12 pcs.

Heat shrink sleeve – 4 pcs.

Insulated conductor – 1 pc.

2 cables input clip – 1 pc.

Special key – 1 pc.

Set of fastening on a support – 1 pc.

Nylon ties – 12 pcs.

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