Floor climatic (all-weather) cabinet

The floor all-weather climatic cabinet is intended for installation of autonomously functioning active and passive telecommunication equipment. It provides protection against environmental influences and unauthorized access.


Excellent solution for construction of networks, requiring cabinet location outdoors. Protection degree – IP54.


Climatic cabinets are operated at temperatures from -40 °C to + 40 °C. The required temperature inside the cabinet is maintained by cooling fan units and a heat fan connected to the controller to maintain a constant temperature (thermostat).

Available models: SN-ШТК-33U-06-08-7035 (1660 х 660 х 860 mm) and SN-ШТК-42U-06-08-7035 (2060 х 660 х 860 mm).


Marking example: SN-ШТК-24U-06-08-7035 climatic telecommunication cabinet.  

Operating height: 24 U, 33 U, 42 U.

Width: 660 mm.

Depth: 600 mm.

Cabinet body: sheet steel 2 мм.

Side panels: removable, airtight.

Rear panel: removable, airtight.

Type of insulation: mineral wool.

Lock: 5-cross bar.

Door opening angle: 120° 

Cable entries: 7 pcs. 22 mm; 3 pcs. 48 mm 

Fans: 4*190 m3/h

Heating fan power: 400 W.

Anticorrosive and decorative coating: powder-polymer RAL 7035 (gray) or RAL 9005 (black). 

Maximum allowable distributed static load: 1000 kg.

Protection degree: IP 54.

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