On-floor telecommunication climate cases (weatherproof)

On-floor weatherproof climate case is meant for assembly of the off-line active and passive telecommunication equipment, provides protection against environmental exposure and unauthorized access.

Perfect solution for creation of the networks which require outdoor installation of the cabinet. Class of protection IP54.

Climate cases are meant for operation at the temperature from – 40 °C to + 40 °C. Desired temperature inside the climate case shall be maintained using the cooling fan assemblies and fan heater connected to the regulator of temperature (thermostat).



Example of nomenclature: climate case SN-ШК-24U-06-06-7035


SN – ШТК – *U –  ** –  ** –  **






** – coating color

**- cabinet depth, mm

** – cabinet width, mm.

**- effective cabinet height (number of units)   

– climatic telecommunication cabinet

SteelNet, (manufacturer’s own name)

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