Metal box

SN-ШТК-6U-06-065 metal box

SN-ШТК wall-mounted climatic telecommunication cabinets are designed to accommodate various equipment (in particular, active and passive telecommunication equipment, video surveillance equipment, etc.) and protect the equipment from the environmental factors, as well as from the unauthorized access.


SN-ШТК climatic cabinets are a one-box solution for building networks and placing the cabinet outdoors.

All cabinet elements are of a double-walled sandwich structure. Between the walls there is a non-combustible mineral-basalt fiber, which minimizes the impact of weather factors on the temperature inside the cabinet.  Thus, this series of cabinets is designed for operation at temperatures from -40°C to +40°C (the temperature regime can be changed according to the technical specifications).


The climatic cabinet protection level complies with the IP54 standard, therefore these can be installed in the streets and other open spaces. A reinforced rubber seal between the door and the cabinet prevents moisture from penetrating inside.


The set temperature regime inside the cabinet is maintained through the supply and exhaust ventilation combined with the use of filters and controllers (temperature regulators). In the cold season, the fan heater ensures the optimum temperature.


An electric distribution panel (ЭРП) is included in the scope of supply, its height is three operating units. It is completed with a socket, thermostats, automatic machines, grounding.


A reinforced three-point locking 5-bolt lock and hinges protect the equipment installed inside the cabinet from tampering.

The cable is led in through 8 entries located at the bottom of the cabinet, which are closed by airtight rubber glands.


The cabinet is attached to the wall using four mounting holes, in which spacers of diameter 12 are installed. The holes are at the back of the cabinet.


Wall-mounted climatic cabinets specifications:

o  height including EDP (operating height excluding the EDP): 9U (6U), 12U (9U), 15U (12U)

o  width: 650 mm.

o  depth: 600 mm.

o  cabinet body: sheet steel S=2 mm

o  inner lining: sheet steel S=1.2 mm

o  side panels: removable, sealed

o  unit racks adjustable in depth, in increments of 25 mm

o  insulation: mineral wool

o  lock: three-point locking 5-bolt lock

o  door opening angle: over 120°

o  cable inlets: 8 pieces with a diameter of 32 mm (all cable entries are protected by plugs with a sealant)

o  fan capacity: 1*164 m3/h (CFM)

o  heating fan power: 150-250W

o  maximum permissible distributed static load: 100kg

o  protection rating: IP54


A special outdoor powder and polymer paint is used to coat the cabinets, creating a durable hard-alloy coating resistant to external effects, including mechanical ones. Two standard colours are available: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).



The standard list of equipment includes:

1. Case – 1 pc.;

2. Electric distribution panel – 1 pc.;

3. Heating element (heater) – 1 pc.;

4. Unit rack – 2 pcs.;

5. Technical data sheet – 1 pc.;

6. Key to the lock – 1 pc.;

7. Fan – 1 pc.

8. Temperature regulator – 2 pcs.

9. 1P16A Circuit breaker – 1 pc.

10. 1P6A Circuit breaker – 2pcs.

11. Socket – 1 pc.

12. Door opening sensor – 1 pc.

13. Filter – 2pcs.


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