Optical patch cords (external)

 Optical patch cords (external) are used to connect subscribers in PON, FTTH networks, as well as optical networks with deep penetration of optics.


The outer shell of the patch cord is made of low smoke zero halogen material LSZH, which does not spread combustion. The dialectical design allows to use patch cords on supports of power lines.


Single-mode optical fiber complies with the recommendation of ITU-T G.657.A2 and allows to lay a cable with a small bending radius without increasing losses.



Connector type – SC / UPC

Loss of pair of connectors, dB – ≤0.5

Inverse display, dB – ≤-50

Cable sheath color – Black

Shell material – LSZH

Cable diameter, mm – 3

Cable weight, kg / 100m – 0.9

The minimum bending radius, mm – 15

Cable attenuation, dB / km –

0.4 (at 1310 nm),

0.3 (at 1550 nm)

Maximum tension, H – 200


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