Supporting clamp SC39 С ТМ Telenco consists of two gripping jaws made of ultraviolet resistant thermoplastic and reinforced with two steel galvanized plates.

The clamp construction was developed to obtain a unique device that includes all kinds of articulated fastening to wooden, reinforced concrete or metal supports (poles).

The straight grooves allow to install the clamp on Type 8 cables with a steel or fiberglass cable messenger on the intermediate supports (poles), with an angle of turning of the cable route up to 15 °.



·           Bolt fixture
The clamp can be installed on the drilled wooden poles using a bolt BQC12x300 mm or BQC14x300 mm.

·           Fastening on bracket UPB + hook bolt
The clamp can be installed on the wooden, round reinforced concrete or multiangular metal supports (poles) using a universal bracket UPB, hook bolt BQC12x55 and two binding bans SB204 or SB207. 

·           Fastening on bracket CS 1500 + 2 clamps (Shackle) Ø 16 and 10 mm


Technical specification of supporting clamp SC39 С 

     Clamp SC39C has two grooves that provide an opportunity to fasten Type 8 cable with the cable messenger from 4 to 9 mm in diameter (cable Ø on insulation).

      The screws can be easily and quickly tightened using a standard 13 mm allen key.

     Plastic grooves protect the cable against damage under excessive vertical load (falling tree, motor vehicle collision etc.).

        Nylon parts provide electrical insulation up to 4 kV between the cable messenger and support (pole) / clamp.

 –     Straight grooves allow to suspend a Type 8 cables with a fiberglass bearing element. 

        Central hole allows to install the clamp on hooks, which contributes to additional protection against wind-induced vibrations (vibration dampening).


Technical specification of supporting clamp

Cable Ø on insulation       



Small groove: from 4 to 5 mm
Large groove: from 6 to 9 mm

0,22 kg



Fabrication materials

Gripping jaws

Reinforcement plates


Ultraviolet resistant thermoplastic

Hot dipped galvanized steel

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