Supporting clamp SC39B ТМ Telenco consists of two gripping jaws made of ultraviolet resistant thermoplastic and reinforced with two steel galvanized plates. Bolt and a U-shaped bracket are included as components of the clamp design.

The unique and patented construction of the clamp SC39B was developed to produce a standard product appropriate for fastening of Type 8 cables to the bearing element made of any known material on the wooden, reinforced concrete or metal supports (poles) of any diameter.



·           Fixture using a steel band

The clamp can be fastened to the round wooden, reinforced concrete or multiangular metal supports (poles) using a steel band 20 mm wide (L 207) and a lock (A 200) or using a band loop (BIB 20).

·           Bolt fixture 

The clamp can also be installed on the drilled wooden poles using a bolt 14 x 225 mm or 16 x 250 mm. In this case, the U-shaped bracket plays the role of a pedestal.

·           Position selection 

The clamp should be placed with small or large groove down depending on the diameter of the cable messenger.



Technical specification of supporting clamp SC39 B 


  • Clamp SC39B has two grooves that provide an opportunity to fasten Type 8 cable with the cable messenger from 4 to 9 mm in diameter (cable Ø on insulation).

·         The clamp can be installed on all kinds of supports (poles) using a steel band or a bolt (on drilled through supports).

  • The screws can be easily and quickly tightened using a standard 13 mm allen key.

·         Plastic grooves protect the cable against damage under excessive vertical load (falling tree, motor vehicle collision etc.).

  • Nylon parts provide electrical insulation up to 4 kV between the cable messenger and support (pole) / clamp.
  • Vertical stretching resistance: 5kN.

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