Supporting clamp SC30-34 for steel cable messenger ТМ Telenco is a universal clamp designed for cable fastening to the poles of any diameter made of wood, concrete or metal.

Supporting clamp SC30/34 consists of two gripping jaws made of ultraviolet resistant thermoplastic and reinforced with two steel galvanized plates.

The unique and patented design of the clamp was developed to produce a standard product appropriate for cable fastening to wooden, concrete or metal poles of any diameter. Arched grooves allow to use the clamp on the intermediate poles with an angle of turning of the cable route up to 25°.


Fastening of the clamp SC30-34

The clamp can be fastened to the round wooden, concrete and multiangular metal poles using a steel band 20 mm wide (SB207) and a lock (B20).

The clamp can also be installed on the drilled wooden poles using a bolt 14 x 225 mm or 16 x 250 mm.

Position selection 

The clamp should be placed with small or large groove down depending on the diameter of the cable messenger.

As you turn the cable route to the left, the clamp should be installed on the right side of the pole and vice versa.


Technical specification of supporting clamp SC30-34 

·           Clamp SC30/34 has two grooves that provide an opportunity to fasten Type 8 cable with the cable messenger from 4 to 9 mm in diameter (cable Ø on insulation).

·           The clamp can be installed on all kinds of supports (poles) using a steel band or a bolt (on drilled through supports).

·           The screws can be easily and quickly tightened using a standard 13 mm allen key.

·           Plastic grooves protect the cable against damage under excessive vertical load (falling tree, motor vehicle collision etc.).

·           Reinforcement steel plates have two reference holes for suspension of rollers for reeling out cables. These holes can also be used to fasten two connection clamps 5/35.

·           Nylon parts provide electrical insulation up to 4 kV between the cable messenger and support (pole) / clamp.


Cable Ø on insulation



Small groove: from 4 to 5 mm

0,24 kg


Large groove: from 6 to 9 mm

Fabrication materials



Gripping jaws

Reinforcement plates


Ultraviolet resistant thermoplastic

Hot dipped galvanized steel







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