Cable laying machine

Undercarriage, tips and fiberglass rod are included as components of the Cable laying machine УЗК-11/150.

Cable laying machine is used for laying of cables and telecommunication lines in the cable channels at the sites up to 150 meters long*.

Cable laying machine УЗК-11-150 consists of the Polycomp fiberglass rod (cord) sheathed with an abrasion-resistant high-density polyester with the diameter of 11 mm inserted into a cassette rotating on the axis of the movable carriage.

The frame of the carriage is made of fully galvanized steel pipe, which, along with the durability, guarantees a long operating time in the most severe conditions.

The brake assembly is installed on the frame of the carriage to prevent autorotation of the cassette.

The guide rollers for laying the cord in the cassette make it easy to operate the Cable laying machine even by one person.

The tips with screw-on nozzles for preparation of the channel and attachment of the cable to the cord are securely fastened at the ends of the fiberglass rod.

Repair of Polycomp cord is easy and can be done by any user by applying special nozzles.

1 – adhesive filler;
2 – reinforcement fiberglass thread;
3 – radial reinforcement fiberglass thread;
4 – polyether coating.

Polycomp fiberglass rod (cord) is a circular fiberglass rod formed by pulling a bundle of reinforcement fiberglass materials impregnated with an adhesive filler through a heated forming die.

Superior quality and multiple use of the cord is possible due to its unique manufacturing technology.

This manufacturing technology helps provide the content of reinforcement fibers in the cord up to 80%.

Along with traditional unidirectionally oriented reinforcement fibers, radial fiberglass threads are introduced into Polycomp cords. These threads envelop the reinforcement fibers crosswise forming a solid core, which significantly increases its mechanical strength characteristics.


Main technical characteristics:

Weight of the cord (length 150 m), kg, max.


Weight of the Cable laying machine (with a cord with the length of 150 m), kg, max.


Breaking stress of the cord under a static bending across fibers, MPa, min.


Breaking stress of the cord under compression along the axis, MPa, min. 


Minimum cord bending radius, mm



Fiberglass rods comply with GOST 27380-87.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to manufacture fiberglass rods in a wide range of colors.



* It is possible to manufacture the Cable laying machine with a Polycomp cord with the diameter of 11 mm and customer-specific length.



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