Wire-laying track

Wire-laying track ПЛЗ1.2 is a unique device designed for fast laying of aerial lines of communication.

The wire-laying track provides an opportunity to facilitate the work significantly, as well as to reduce the installation crew up to a total of two workers! The savings are obvious!


Design features of wire-laying track ПЛЗ 1.2:

        Steel section frame is designed to provide the structural reliability;

        Due to rubber-impregnated rollers and all-wheel drive, the wire-laying track can move at an angle of up to 40 degrees (which is important, considering the difference in the number of storeys in the houses);

     The presence of a durable safety cable eliminates the possibility of falling of the device.

     The heat resistance of plastic rollers allows the use of the wire-laying track at the temperature from -25 to +40 degrees.

     Accumulator capacity allows to cover a distances up to 800 meters.



Buying advantage of the wire-laying track


Having bought the wire-laying track, you can reduce the installation crew up to a total of two workers, and accordingly each month you can save personnel costs of each team!

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