Telecommunication rack

SN Iron telecommunication racks are designed for the installation of active and passive telecommunication equipment.

The racks are used in cases where access and ease of use with installed equipment is a priority.

The main advantage of this series of racks is the adjustable depth from 600 to 1000 mm. The increment of racks adjustment is 100 mm. Accordingly, if necessary, it is possible to install equipment of different depths in the rack, rather than buying several individual racks for each size of equipment.

The rack is made of sheet metal 2 mm thick, which allows holding equipment with a maximum distributed static load of up to 900 kg. The SN Iron racks include the racks with the heights from 24U to 46U.

The rack structure is collapsible, therefore, the disassembled rack takes up a minimum of space.

A special powder and polymer paint is used for coating, which creates a durable hard-alloy coating resistant to external effects, including mechanical ones.

Two standard colours are available: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).

19″SN Iron telecommunication rack has an individual cardboard packaging.


Technical specifications * :

– two-frame

– effective height, U: 24, 33, 37, 42U

– width: 590 мм

– controlled depth: from 450 mm to 750 mm / from 600 mm to 1000 mm

– structural element : modular construction, sheet steel S=2 mm

– mounting rack : sheet steel S=2 mm

– pitch of adjustment of the mounting racks: 100 mm

– coanting: powder & polymer enamel

– color in two design variants:

   RAL 7035 (light-gray)

   RAL 9005 (black)

– design parameter : on-floor

– racks shall be installed on height-adjustable molded supports

– maximum allowable distributed static load: 900 кг


* there are optional versions with personal characteristics, according to the customer`s choice




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