SN-ШПв-1Д-9016 built-in fire cabinet

SN-ШПв-1Д-9016 built-in fire cabinets are designed to accommodate a set of fire hydrant equipment at production facilities, at residential and public buildings. Cabinets are mounted on walls made of any construction material.

Cabinets are mounted in a niche or on the wall, using mounting holes in the back wall of the cabinet and clamping plates on the side surfaces of the case. Cabinets are designed for indoor use at temperatures +5 to + 45 °C and relative humidity up to 95%. Service life – not less than 10 years.


The metal case of SN-ШПв-1Д-9016 built-in fire cabinet of SteelNet TM is designed in the form of a box, or a box without a back wall.

The rear walls of the fire cabinet (blank or glazed) are equipped with a lock.


On the door of the built-in cabinet there is a place for a spare key, protected by shatterproof glass. On the side walls of the SN-ШПв-1Д-9016 cabinet there are made the perforated holes for connecting the equipment of the fire hydrant to the internal water supply of the building. SN-ШПв-1Д-9016 built-in fire cabinets of SteelNet TM are equipped with the rotary cassette for fire hose placement.


Any sizes and additions are possible at the request of the customer.

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