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Cable organizer with metal rings

SN 19″1U-9005 cable organizer with metal rings


Designed for organization and optimal cable distribution in 19″ cabinets and racks by horizontal laying.


The cable organizer SN 19″1U-9005 is a metal structure – a frame with a mounting channel fixed to it. The operating element of the cable organizer are metal brackets that form an mounting channel for cable laying.


The banded cable laid in the organizers provide easy access to the equipment installed in the mounting rack or cabinet. Moreover, the cable organizer additionally gives the system aesthetics and a presentable appearance.


A special outdoor powder and polymer paint is used for coating, which creates a durable hard-alloy coating resistant to external effects, including mechanical ones.

Two standard colours are available: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).


The cable organizer has an individual cardboard packaging.




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