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SN 2U-48-7035 optical distribution panel

SN 2U-48 optical distribution panel

Optical distribution panels (patch panels, ODF) are designed for mounting and switching optical cables in a 19-inch rack or cabinet. Patch panels are a universal solution for placement in communication rooms.

The main advantage of the SN 2U-48 optical distribution panel is the swivel mechanism, which provides convenient and quick access to the splice cassette without disassembly from the rack or cabinet. This patch panel has a height of 2U.

6 front panels are installed on the front part of the patch panel with the subsequent installation of the required type of adapters. The front panels are removable and, if you need to install another type of adapter, they can be easily and quickly replaced.


Types of front panels: LC, SC, FC and plug.

Also, this type of patch panel has a removable top cover, which facilitates access inside.


The design of this patch panel allows you to enter the cables both from the side and behind (there are two holes on these sides).

Special powder-polymer paint is used to coat the front panel that creates a durable carbide coating resistant to external influences, including mechanical ones.

Two standard colours are available: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).


SN 2U-48 complete set:
S300 splice cassette (2 pcs. x 16/32 splices);
S300 cassette cover (2 pcs.);
heat shrink sleeve (48 pcs.);
plastic tie (10 pcs.);
gland (4 pcs.);
fixing collar (4 pcs.);
clamp of a cable power element (4 pcs.).


Dimensions (HxWxD), mm


Number of adapters


Front panels


Type of adapters




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