CT8 multipurpose hanger system cross-arm

The CT 8 cross-arm is a galvanized steel fixture allowing suspension of up to eight network lines and branch lines on wooden and iron communication poles.


The unique proprietary section profile of the CT 8 cross-arm has been researched to offer a versatile fixture allowing every fixation configuration to be covered:

  1. Line start points (up to 8 lines)
  2. Passages of double anchored lines (up to 6 lines)
  3. Passages of overhead lines (up to 4 lines)
  4. Branch start points (up to 16 lines)
  5. Direct installation of small junction boxes
  6. Installation of 2 2/12 plates for distribution box
  7. Installation of two 5/39 brackets for 30/34 supports
  8. Installation of two FE iron plates


Installation method


The CT 8 cross-arm is designed for installation to every pole type, wooden or steel, regardless of pole shape and diameter.

  1. With the use of binding band. The CT 8 cross-arm is installed using two binding bands.  The binding band type is selected in accordance with the amount of force to be applied.
  2. When the wooden pole end is drilled, the CT 8 cross-arm can be installed using the bolt Ø14mm. 14mm.  The bolt length is selected in accordance with the pole diameter.  To stabilize the cross-arm base, self-tapping screw 1/21 must be used.


Design material
Type of construction

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