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FOB-G01616-2-32-7035 optical box identical

FOB-G016/16-2-32 box is a universal optical switchgear that is installed indoors. Used for fiber optic cable splicing, as well as for protection against unauthorized access. The box is equipped with two mechanical locks.

The splice cassette, installed in the box, allows you to splice up to 32 optical fibers.


Inside the box you can install up to 4 removable panels with holes for adapters of any type. The design allows you to increase the number of splice cassettes.


Optical pigtails are organized inside by fixing them with plastic ties.


Two box doors open at an angle of 180°, facilitating access to the equipment installed inside. The box has 6 holes for cable entry.


Insertion of cables can be performed both from below, and from above. For convenience of an output elastic moisture protective inserts are provided in the case. PG-type sealing sleeves are provided for easy cable entry.


Complete set:

1. RZ16/18 lock (2 pcs.)

2. SN-S300 cassette (2 pcs.)

3. PG 13.5 gland (2 pcs.)

4. Gland with a diameter of 40 mm, gray (2 pcs.)

5. Gland with a diameter of 20 mm, gray (4 pcs.)

6. Tie 3.6*120 mm (8 pcs.)

7. Collar 10*16 (2 pcs.)

8. Cassette cover SN-S300 (1 pc.)


A special powder-polymer paint is used for coating that creates a durable carbide coating resistant to external influences, including mechanical ones.


Two standard colours are available: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).


The optical box has individual cardboard packing.

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