Sealed box SN-БГ-550 on 7U

Sealed box SN-БГ-550 on7U:

 A series of Sealed Boxes SN-БГ is a series of outdoor boxes. Sealed box SN-БГ-550 on 7U is designed to protect telecommunication equipment from unauthorized access by third parties and weather factors.


  • The body of the box is all-welded, made of metal 1.5 mm thick, which effectively secures the equipment installed inside. 

Height: 500 мм.

Width: 550 мм.

Depth: 370 мм.


The seams and corners of the box body are tight, and the door is sealed with packing rubber adjacent to a special rim for water drainage in the box body. Thus, the boxes of the SN-БГ series are leakproof and comply with the IP54 standard.

  • A special outdoor powder and polymer paint is used to cover the sealed boxes, creating a durable hard-alloy coating resistant to external effects, including mechanical ones. Colour gray.

 Sealed box SN-БГ-550 on7U is of a wall-mounted design and is also equipped with a bracket for mounting to a pole.


  • Component parts:

    ·         grounding kit – 1 set

    ·         M6 washer – 2pcs.

    ·         M6 nut – 2 pcs.

    ·         gaskets – 8 pcs.

    ·         pole mounting bracket – 2pcs.

    ·         padlock – 1pc.

    ·         butterfly-type twist and clamping lock – 2 pcs.


    Box dimensions, mm (WxHxD): 550x500x370


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