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SN 1U-24 optical distribution frame

Optical distribution frames (patch panels, ODF) are designed for installation and switching of optical cables in a 19″ rack or cabinet. Patch panels are a universal solution for placement in communication rooms.


The main advantage of the SN 1U-24 optical distribution frame is a rotary mechanism providing easy and quick access to the fiber-optic cable organizer without removing it from the rack or cabinet.

At the front of the patch panel, three face panels are mounted with subsequent installation of the required type adapters.  The face panels are removable and can be quickly and easily replaced when another adapter type is required.

Face panel types: LC, SC, FC and blank panel.

In addition, this patch panel type is equipped with removable top cover facilitating access to internals.

This patch panel design allows cable lead-in both from the side and from the back (there are two holes provided for at each of the said sides).

A special polymeric powder paint is used as the product coating creating durable solid coat resistant to environmental factors including mechanical ones.

Two standard colors are available: RAL7035 (gray) and RAL9005 (black).


SN 1U-24 delivery package:

  • fiber-optic cable organizer S300 (1pc. x 16 /32 splices)
  • S300 cable organizer cover (1 pc.)
  • heat shrinkable sleeve (24 pcs.)
  • plastic tie (5 pcs.)
  • gland (2 pcs.)
  • fixing clamp (2 pcs.)
  • clamp for cable central member (2 pcs.)

Face panels are not included as standard.

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